Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Live and In Secret

Sunday night at the Hotel Cafe, there was a "secret" Jenny Lewis concert, completely unadvertised through normal channels. But you can't keep a secret from Pop Whore, not when we have our virtual finger on the cyber-pulse of... ew. Let me start that one over. Eti found out about the concert and we went. Better? Thought so.

Anyway, before Eti and I posed for this picture with her (and cropped ourselves out of it for national security reasons), I snapped a video of her and the Watson Twins doing "You Are What You Love" from the solo album which really needs no linkage help from me considering that it's in the top 20 on Amazon.com but I will link to anyway because it's great and you should get it.

Here's the video... your choice of higher-quality DivX (about 14 megs) or lower-quality Windows Media (about 3 megs).

You Are What You Love - DivX version

You Are What You Love - Windows Media version

UPDATE: Thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog for linking us! And by the way, that's Jenny in the picture.


At 2/01/2006 11:53 AM, Blogger Dodge said...

Eti, that's hilarious...sorry for the mixup and I am sure you are hot as well. Jenny looks waaaay young in that picture. when I saw it and thought is was you, I thought, "man, she could be jenny's younger sister!"


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